Coach Michele


Michele grew up with running as a second language. With her father working as the high school cross country coach, she spent many a day on the edge of a cross-country race course or in the infield of a track, watching him teach his young runners, listening to him call out interval splits. It was only natural that she laced up her first pair of shoes at a young age.

“So running is "in my blood" so to speak. I believe there is a balance between family, and work, and life and that balance looks different for everyone. I always keeps this in mind when coaching. I love to set a goal, put together a plan to reach that goal, and then work hard to achieve it. I would love to have the opportunity to help you do the same!” – Coach Michele 

Michele holds a Masters in Communication Studies from Baylor University. She is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA). Michele’s personal running endeavors include distances ranging from 5Ks to 100 miles. Her passion for running and witnessing firsthand how it changes people’s lives is what led her to pursue run coaching as a career. Her second passion is helping athlete's learn how to fuel properly in order to optimize their performance in life and in sport.


Michele energized my enthusiasm for running because of her own obvious enjoyment. She showed me that, even as a beginner, I could tap into what makes it such an addictive activity for both the serious athletes and people like me. Not only did I get practical advice on how to move my body, Michele also inspired me to feel the joy that can come from being outside and running!  Michele’s one-on-one, friendly, approachable, enthusiastic, and practical coaching really helped me. I always looked forward to our runs!
— Inmi - Seattle, WA



Coach Lori


Lori is an experienced runner who fell in love with the sport and began her running career during her years at the University of Portland, where she was surrounded by great races and plenty of trails to explore. In graduate school, she ran her first half marathon and upon finishing went straight to sign up for her first full marathon. Lori is proficient in several areas that pertain to a runner’s lifestyle. As the co-owner of West Seattle Runner she enjoys working with runners of all levels on a daily basis, from proper shoe fit and gear to coaching new runners to their first half marathon. After opening West Seattle Runner with her husband, Lori spent several years as a running coach for the Team in Training program where she coached participants to run a half or full marathon, while they raised funds for blood cancers.

Lori holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Lori’s running experience teamed with her career as a mental health therapist allows her to couple sound training principles with helping clients develop mental strategies for training and racing. Lori is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and looks forward to working one-on-one with athletes to take their running to the next level. 


Running is a way of life for me and sharing that gift with others is one of my passions. I believe that this sport is transformative; part of the beauty of it is that it is one simple activity that has different meanings for each person. One of my strengths is listening to what that meaning is, what the desired goal is and offering guidance on how to get there. I believe that with proper training, solid guidance, mental fine-tuning and determination, you will create your own fulfilling journey with running.
— Coach Lori



Coach Lindsay


As P3 Running’s lead strength coach, Lindsay brings 15 years of experience in the fitness and running community, from owning and managing boot camps, becoming certified and teaching Barre3, to run coaching for individuals, youth track clubs and Team in Training. Her career has spanned the training and rehabilitation of diverse populations from beginner to professional athletes.

In college, Lindsay was the Cross Country team captain at Cabrillo College, winning the Conference Championships in 2001 and and transferred on a full ride scholarship to run for a Division 1 University.  In 2000, she fell in love with distance running while training for the Boston marathon. Since then she has run 8 more marathons, returning to Boston several times, and placed in many races; including a podium finish at the X-Terra Trail Running Nationals. 

Lindsay has a degree in and experience with Exercise Prescriptions for Diverse Populations, Biomechanics and Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, Therapeutic Exercise and Modalities in Athletic Rehabilitation, including advanced assessment of lower and upper extremity injuries, Human and Exercise Physiology, and Foot and Stride Podiatry. 


I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of a good run or a fun session/class at the gym or studio. Running, strength training, and eating healthy feeds my soul and makes me a better version of me; it’s my lifestyle. I want to help others become the best version of themselves. Life is chaotic, and it throws you ups and downs, but it is possible to find that balance in life to make yourself a priority (even if it’s just 30 minutes). I’m looking forward to working with runners to improve their overall strength and help them reach their own personal goals!
— Coach Lindsay