In running, your biggest obstacle may not be the distance, the weather, or the terrain; it can be overcoming limiting beliefs that can hold you back from achieving your full potential. Coach Lori helps runners at all levels to look inwardly and identify insecurities, fears, traumatic memories, and other mental roadblocks. Through cognitive restructuring and proven techniques, your mind can be trained to best serve your body on a quest for athletic excellence.

The mind has tremendous power to transform the body. Harnessing conscious thought is a key ingredient for athletic success. If the mind puts negativity into a training session or competition, it can sabotage performance.

If a runner is able to recognize their counterproductive thought patterns and learn the right techniques to enhance their mental state, they can reach their goals more easily. Mental training broadens to a larger platform than physical competition, these skills can be used to transform an individual’s perspective on life.
— Coach Lori


Coach Lori has been an avid runner most of her life. One of her passions is to help fellow athletes tap into the full power of both the body and mind, and to better appreciate how interconnected thought and performance are. To set the foundation for her career, she graduated from the University of Portland in 1998 with B.A. in Psychology and went on to obtain a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Western Washington University in 2001. Lori worked as Licensed Mental Health Counselor in community mental health agencies until 2005. She opened a private counseling practice in West Seattle to work with adolescents and adults, often treating them for issues related to sports performance.

Lori has always encouraged her clients to use exercise as an essential element of optimal mental health. In 2010, she and her husband opened West Seattle Runner, the area’s first and only running specialty store. This experience awakened her passion to support runners both physically and mentally as they prepare for races, overcome setbacks, or simply find the motivation to get started.

In 2016, Lori joined P3 Running as a running and mental training coach. She dedicates her counseling practice to helping people to identify and change negative thinking, learn relaxation skills and positive self‐talk to overcome anxiety, and to believe in themselves once they have learned the necessary tools and techniques to thrive. Lori believes that the mind can be a main component in getting started with a running program, setting and reaching goals, overcoming performance anxiety, and reaching peak performance.


Elevate your training and racing to a higher level by learning Coach Lori’s proven mental strategies.  Each plan is tailored to reflect your specific needs. A typical 4-week program includes:

  • Initial Assessment: A 30-45 minute office meeting or phone call to gather information about you, your current mindset, long term goals, short-term desired outcome, current physical and emotional issues, and other obstacles. Coach Lori will evaluate your mental health history to assess if issues with depression, anxiety, or other diagnoses will impact your custom plan for success.

  • Four additional 15-30 minute office meetings or phone sessions will teach strategies, assign training sessions, and evaluate progress

  • Coach Lori will provide a pre-race plan to solidify the mental strategies to be employed and get you centered for the race

  • At the end of your program, you will collaborate on a performance summary to identify progress made and note areas for future work


Custom-Coached Athletes – $125/month for the initial month and $85 for each subsequent month

Other Athletes –  $150 (includes a phone consult or email communication with your current coach to collaborate on goals)

prices include any applicable tax


My P3 Running coach has incorporated mental skills into my training plans that have helped me through workouts and during races, including goal setting, mantras and mental resets, and visualizations. Training my mind has been as important to reaching my running goals as training my legs. I’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of P3’s holistic approach to incorporate both the mental and physical aspects of running.
— Don Kramer