2018 Tuesday Night Group Training (West Seattle)

2018 Tuesday Night Group Training (West Seattle)

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P3 Running’s Coach Michele and Coach Lori are here to coach you on what phase you should be in and will write a workout fine-tuned to your individual needs. The P3 Running Tuesday Night Group Training allows for the camaraderie and motivation of a group, while you execute the workout best suited for you. 

Important 2018 Dates and Locations

The 2018 program will run from Tuesday, January 9th through Tuesday, November 20th. The time of workout is the same throughout the year: Tuesdays, 6:00PM. Workouts start promptly by 6:05 with a 10 minute coach-led dynamic warm-up, followed up by your workout.​ 

Discount for Custom Athletes

The Tuesday Night Group Training is offered at a reduced cost for those athletes who are receiving custom coaching from P3 Running. You have the ability to join at any time throughout the year; however, it must be for a minimum of 8 weeks so that you can experience the benefits of consistent and focused training. You can sign up for a bi-annual or annual commitment at a reduced cost or join for 8 weeks or 12 weeks at a time.

We look forward to you joining the next Tuesday Night Group Training Session!

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