Strength workouts, designed for you by Coach Lindsay, complement each phase of your training to help you:

  • Strengthen your foundation

  • Improve stability and runner-centric muscle recruitment

  • Develop endurance

  • Increase power and speed

  • Fine-tune volume and intensity

  • Feel sharp, but rested on race day

I love strength training. I love mixing it up and exploring new ways to strengthen the body outside of sport. I feel athletes are able to run longer, stronger and can prevent injuries when they incorporate some form of strength training outside of running. Strength training can be anything from Circuit Training and Therapeutic Exercises, to Weight Lifting and Yoga…it’s all about mixing up the workouts and moving the body in all three planes of motion.
— Coach Lindsay


Coach Lindsay uses the Trainerize mobile and laptop app to deliver your custom strength plan and monitor your progress. Your plan is programmed around your strength and running goals and the number of days ideal to your schedule. All exercises are based on the equipment you have readily available (dumbbells, medicine balls, TRX, bands, kettlebells, etc.) and are accompanied by an instructional video. You can provide feedback, record stats, and communicate with Coach Lindsay via the app.

You can join at anytime throughout the year. We will start you with an 8-week program to ensure that you experience the benefits of consistent and focused training.


Custom-Coached Athletes – 8 weeks: $150; subsequent months: $75

Other Athletes – 8 weeks: $190; subsequent months: $95

30-minute Form Assessment Skype sessions are available to all athletes at $30


Working with Lindsay on Trainerize has been such a wonderful experience for me. Being a mom with two young boys, I never get a chance to go to the gym. My days are full of taking care of other people. The program on Trainerize has given me the chance to work out when I have the time. I don’t have to drive to the gym. I can make my little ones breakfast and get my workouts in before school drop off. I love how Lindsay is so personal and checks in with me. Great app and a wonderful coach.
— Emilee Molfino

I wasn’t sure how an online strength training program would work but my experience with Lindsay has been excellent. She reaches out to keep in touch and find out how I am feeling, offers a lot of encouragement and is very responsive to questions and comments. Lindsay is very deliberate in setting up workouts that complement my training and events as a runner.
— Barb Charbonneaux

Working with Coach Lindsay over the last year has renewed my sense of purpose and enjoyment at the gym and while strength training at home. I am so much more focused with my strength workouts while working through a program with Lindsay than on my own. She listens to feedback and is great about checking in to see how the workouts are going. The combination of exercises she puts together along with the videos and descriptions on Trainerize makes following along and doing new exercises so enjoyable and easy! Coach Lindsay has such positivity and energy and makes working with her an absolute pleasure! I cannot recommend her coaching enough!
— Erika Whinihan