Every run has a purpose.

No matter what your reason, your goal, your distance or time, you run. We run too. We share your passion and dedication to the sport, the science, and the art of running. Running is our voice, our interpretation, our guide for how we move through life. Sometimes we run free, stripped of technology, with only our breath, our heartbeat and the wind as our guide. Other times we gear-up to monitor and analyze all aspects of our performance.

If you are interested in taking your running to the next level, having a certified running coach focused on your needs and goals can help you become the best runner you can be.  Whether you’re training for a 5K or an Ultra marathon, your coach will write a training plan that is designed for your current fitness level and accommodates the demands of your family, work, and other athletic pursuits.

  • Customized weekly online training schedule fine-tuned to your fitness level and goals

  • Training Peaks mobile and laptop app allows for pre-workout planning and post training feedback, including the ability to upload data for coach analysis

  • Weekly email check-ins to answer questions, make changes to plan if needed, and provide general support


Monthly Coaching with Premium Training Peaks Account: $130/month

  • prices include any applicable tax 

  • discount provided at 6 month (5%) and 1-year commitments (10%)



Mental Training with Coach Lori - Prices Vary; Discount for Custom-Coached Athletes
Overcoming mental blocks with focus and determination is an essential part of  getting started with a running program, setting and reaching goals, overcoming performance anxiety, and reaching peak performance.  Sign up to learn formal mental training strategies to take you to the next level.  

Custom Online Strength Training with Coach Lindsay - Prices Vary; Discount for Custom-Coached Athletes
Enhance your strength with a runner-centric total body or core and hip strengthening routine; based on your intake form and email communication, Coach Lindsay will design a plan that will work with your schedule and training cycle.

Nutrition Planning with Coach Michele - Prices Vary
Nutrient timing can make a world of difference in how you perform throughout the day, whether you're at your desk, practicing your sport, or simply moving through everyday life. Nutrition services include custom and semi-custom nutrition plans.



Why join the P3 Running Tuesday Night Group Training?

There are several components that go into a successful training cycle. The primary phases include Base Building, Endurance/Strength Building, Speed/Sharpening, Tapering, and Recovery. Each phase builds on the next. The timing and length of these phases looks different for everyone, depending on running experience, length of the race(s) training for, and timing.

You may have heard of the workouts that fit into the Endurance and Speed phases such as steady state runs, hill repeats, tempo workouts, and speed work, but you may not know when and how to properly execute them. If you are doing these types of workouts at the right time, it can prevent over training, reduce the risk of injury, and even guide you towards your personal best. 

P3 Running’s Coach Michele and Coach Lori are here to coach you on what phase you should be in and will write a workout fine-tuned to your individual needs. The P3 Running Tuesday Night Group Training allows for the camaraderie and motivation of a group, while you execute the workout best suited for you. 

2019 Sessions
The 2019 program will run from Tuesday, January 8th through Tuesday, November 26th. The time of workout is the same throughout the year: Tuesdays, 6:00PM

Session Schedule
6:00 to 6:15 Group Warm-up Run 
6:15 to 6:25 Group Drills 
6:25 Individual Workouts 

2019 Sessions and Locations: 
Current Session:
Sharpen for Fall Races

6-week Track Session at Hiawatha Track and Playfield
September 10th through October 15th
Registration Open!

Upcoming Sessions:
The Last is Not Least
6-week Track Session at Hiawatha Track and Playfield
October 22nd through November 26th


The Tuesday Night Group Training is offered at a reduced cost for those athletes who are receiving custom coaching from P3 Running. You have the ability to join at any time throughout the year; however, it must be for a minimum of 6 weeks so that you can experience the benefits of consistent and focused training. You can sign up for a bi-annual or annual commitment at a reduced cost or join per session.

Custom-Coached Athlete

6 to 8 weeks - $45 to $60
Bi-Annual -  $167 (includes 5% discount)
Annual -  $317 (includes 10% discount) 
prices include any applicable tax 

Other Athletes

6 to 8 weeks - $90 to $120
Bi-Annual - $335  (includes 5% discount)
Annual - $635  (includes 10% discount)
prices include any applicable tax 

We look forward to you joining the next Tuesday Night Group Training Session!


Wow, I can’t believe I’ve done it! I ran a very good race. I fueled well and maintained my energy throughout, no major pains, dressed properly for the weather, and was well hydrated. I can’t THANK YOU enough for all your help and support along the way!
— Tina, Seattle