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The Beast

I have known my BFF for over 20 years. I was there for her 3rd marathon when she said she would never run a race that long again, and I was there when she said she had just signed up for another marathon. Of course I took that opportunity to remind her of her previous declaration, after all that is what BFF’s are for, right?

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Mountain Lakes 100: September 27-28, 2014

It was in the dark of night that I believed. The predominant sound my foot strike on crushed rock, my headlamp illuminating shadows of the forest. Location: Lake Annette, near North Bend, WA.  It was one month before Mountain Lakes 100 and we were doing a practice night run. For the night run, I was determined to run through 30 miles, a spot in races where I struggled in the past. We ran to 33 and I stopped with the feeling that I could keep running.

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