Mental Training

Mental Training

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Elevate your training and race to a higher level by learning Coach Lori’s proven mental strategies.  Each plan is tailored to reflect your specific needs. A typical 4-week program includes:

  • Initial Assessment: A 30-45 minute office meeting or phone call to gather information about you, your current mindset, long term goals, short-term desired outcome, current physical and emotional issues, and other obstacles. Coach Lori will evaluate your mental health history to assess if issues with depression, anxiety, or other diagnoses will impact your custom plan for success.  

  • Four additional 15-30 minute office meeting or phone sessions will teach strategies, assign training sessions, and evaluate progress.

  • Coach Lori will provide a pre-race plan to solidify the mental strategies to be employed and get you centered for the race.

  • At the end of your program, you will collaborate on a performance summary to identify progress made and note areas for future work.

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