Custom Online Strength Training

Custom Online Strength Training

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Strength workouts, designed for you by Coach Lindsay, complement each phase of your training to help you:

  • Strengthen your foundation

  • Improve stability and runner-centric muscle recruitment

  • Develop endurance

  • Increase power and speed

  • Fine-tune volume and intensity

  • Feel sharp, but rested on race day

Working with Coach Lindsay

Coach Lindsay uses the Trainerize mobile and laptop app to deliver your custom strength plan and monitor your progress. Your plan is programmed around your strength and running goals and the number of days ideal to your schedule All exercises are based on the equipment you have readily available and are accompanied by an instructional video. You can provide feedback, record stats, and communicate with Coach Lindsay via the app.

You can join at anytime throughout the year. We start you with an 8-week program to ensure that you experience the benefits of consistent and focused training.

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