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Mid-Run Nutrition

A few weeks ago, I published a piece on Pre-Run Nutrition; the next natural step is fine-tuning how you fuel during your run.  As with many aspects of fueling, timing plays an important role. When you start to fuel during a run can be dependent on your pre-run meal and the length of your run. I have athletes that fuel from every 20 minutes to every 45 minutes, depending on their physiology, length of race, and the amount consumed at each fueling.  

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NutritionMichele Pettinger
Pre-Run Nutrition

One of the questions I'm asked most is how one should fuel around a run - this includes pre-, during and post-run nutrition. The answer is not straightforward and unique based on weight, training intensity, and in some cases dietary restrictions. I have done my best here to provide a general guideline or starting point for fine-tuning what works for you. The amount of food and timing are key to optimal performance for all 3 intake periods (pre- during and post-run).

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Creating Your Hydration Profile

Here in the Pacific Northwest we experienced some earlier than normal warm temperatures. Then we had a bit of a cool down, but now summer is here and the higher temps will be back. In addition, many are traveling to train and race in parts of the country where it’s already warm. Practicing your hydration goes hand in hand with practicing your fueling.  It is a good time for you to start creating your individual hydration profile.

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